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Jimmy Fallon, Charles Barkley, Hugh Grant Play Hallway Golf on Tonight Show

February 12, 2015

Jimmy Fallon kind of has a thing for alternative versions of golf.

He famously took on (and beat) Tiger Woods in the golfer’s own golf video game in the middle of Times Square a few years back. Last year he lost to Cameron Diaz in “Roller Golf.”

On Wednesday’s “Tonight Show,” Fallon challenged guests Hugh Grant and Charles Barkley to a game of “Hallway Golf.” There are no handicaps in “Hallway Golf”. Nor are there penalties. In fact, there are no counted strokes at all.

A unique Fallon creation, the game challenges contestants to race foam golf balls around the hallways of the “Tonight Show” studio. The player who gets his ball around the ‘course’ and into the hole on the main stage first wins.

Watch Fallon, Barkley and Grant battle it out below.

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