Jason Day’s Son Dash Shows Off Impressive Swing at Range

August 31, 2015

Dash Day is taking after his daddy, and he’s getting pretty good.

PGA champion Jason Day’s wife, Ellie, recently tweeted out this video of their 3-year-old son Dash hitting balls on the range. Dash not only smashes every ball Coach Dad puts down, but his swing looks pretty good too!

You can hear Ellie commenting that Dash is improving every day, but with genes like that—Day just won The Barclays, his third win in four starts—is anyone surprised?

It will only be a few short years before Dash is mimicking dad’s swing frame for frame, and the PGA Tour has the video to compare it to. Here is the tweet of Dash’s swing followed by a tweet of Day’s swing at 12 years old.

Like father, like son, as they say!

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