Jason Day ‘Running On E’ After Wife Ellie’s Trip to the Hospital

July 27, 2016

The world’s No. 1 player and defending PGA Champion Jason Day hasn’t had a relaxing 24 hours.

Speaking to the media during his press conference on Wednesday, Day said he is “a little bit under the weather” from catching a bug from his son, Dash. He’s also coming off a hectic and sleepless night, as his wife, Ellie, had an allergic reaction and was rushed to the hospital Tuesday evening. Day said Ellie is OK now.

“We were (at the hospital) until two o’clock or something like that. So I’m kind of running on E right now,” Day said. “Yeah, she’s fine. Everything was great. I had to call the paramedics over. She was kind of freaking out in the back of the bus, which is understandable, because she got all red. I’ve been in that situation before when I first ate seafood. That’s why I don’t eat seafood anymore. I started swelling up and I looked like Hitch on that movie (laughter). Yeah, so like I was kind of calm about it, and she’s like freaking out in the back on the bus, and she’s like, ‘Call 911, call 911.’ So I’m trying to look for Benadryl, and we didn’t have any, so we ended up calling 911 and the paramedics came and they looked after her which is great. She’s fine now. We got a little bit of loss of sleep but we’re fine.”

Day tees off at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday with Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy.