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Japanese Drone Delivers Balls, Concessions on the Course

March 28, 2016

UPDATE: These drones will launch at Camel Golf Resort in Japan’s Chiba prefecture for a one-month trial starting May 9.

You may never have to wait on the drink cart ever again.

According to Japanese news agency NHK, e-commerce site Rakuten will start rolling out drones similar to Amazon’s Prime Air service to more quickly deliver goods to customers. But first, the company has opted to test out this method on a lucky subset of people. Golfers at a Chiba-area course will be able to pull out their phones and request a new sleeve of balls or a refreshing beverage at the golfer’s convenience.

Rakuten has invested in Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory, a company that develops Mini Surveyor drones, and will then decide whether or not the airlift service will be expanded upon.