J.T. Poston’s final hole at the Honda Classic gets a red face, an eyebrow, a monocle and a shrug

J.T. Poston hits a shot from the water on the ninth hole at the Honda Classic.

The on-course and online creativity get a ?.

The tee shot got the ?.

And rightfully so on J.T. Poston’s Twitter account (@JT_ThePostman) late Thursday afternoon, as he had dumped a 281-yard drive into the drink on his finishing hole at the Honda Classic. He entered the ninth at PGA National just two shots behind the leaders and was now staring at a descent down the leaderboard as quick as his ball had just done into the hazard. 

What happened next got the ?, the ? and the ??‍♂️.

Poston hiked up both of his white pant legs. He balanced himself in the water. He found a path through a batch of trees and hit his 117-yard approach. 

The ball trickled to within about 17 feet, and Poston rolled in the putt for the finishing birdie.

His fellow Tweeters were equally ?:

Tough day to be a pair of white pants,” tweeted @OUknowmike. 

??” tweeted @smoothcfo, with a picture of “Aquaman” Jason Momoa. 

Aren’t there gators in those ponds?” tweeted @breeds 50.

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