J.B. Holmes Shows Just How Fast the Greens Are at Muirfield Village

May 31, 2016

Why waste energy putting when the greens are so fast that a dropped ball just rolls into the hole? J.B. Holmes, out for a practice run at Muirfield Village Golf Club ahead of the Memorial, demonstrated how fast the greens are by doing just that. A video posted on Twitter by PGA Tour trainer Tyler Parson shows Holmes standing on the course. He drops a ball several yards from the hole and it seems to slide right in. Parson captioned the footage: “When the greens are rolling fast at #theMemorial @JBHolmesgolf has the solution.”

We didn’t get out our own Stimp Meter to check out what the greens are rolling at, but if the the putt (or drop) below is any indication, things are slick. Very slick. Check out the clip below.