Is Sergio Garcia having the best week ever?

July 29, 2017

Sergio Garcia just might be having a better week than you are.

The Spaniard certainly has plenty to smile about these days, and he took to Twitter to share his joy at the accumulation of positivity in his life right now.

Not only is he looking forward to his wedding to Angela Akins this weekend, but he also just received his ESPY award (he won best golfer of the year earlier this month) in the mail.

After reflecting on the honor, Garcia then started looking ahead to the end of his season, when he’ll tee it up in Australia (something he’s obviously really looking forward to.)

And as if that wasn’t enough awesomeness for one week, guess what else showed up on his doorstep?

Yep, that’s the Masters trophy. (!!!)

It’s definitely good to be Sergio Garcia.