Irish columnist slams Rory for wedding’s secrecy, Twitter revolts

April 25, 2017

In the run-up to Rory McIlroy’s wedding to Erica Stoll, media anticipation was high, especially among the Irish press. Several articles speculated about the food, guests, entertainment and, of course, the location: Ashford Castle.

On Tuesday Michael O’Doherty, an Irish newspaper columnist, ripped McIlroy and Stoll  for denying the press more access to the wedding. O’Doherty wrote, in part: “No photos, no interviews, even guests were told not to bring mobile phones lest any of them be tempted to put a photo or two up on social media. It’s obsessive secrecy such as this that makes you wonder if Rory, by all accounts a sensible and polite person, has disappeared up his own backside when it comes to his biggest day.”

Many readers (including one outspoken ex-Ryder Cup teammate) did not agree with O’Doherty.