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Incredible Golf Trick Shot Opens Bottle of Champagne

June 7, 2016

Who needs a bottle opener when all you need is a perfectly struck chip shot?

Welcome to Josh Kelley’s back porch where, when it comes to poppin’ bubbly, the wedge has usurped the corkscrew. Notice the fluidity of stroke, the ease of magician at work, and — look closely — the saving grace of absolutely no spillage. 

Cheers to the heroine in black for sitting firm, and blindly, to the risk of an errant ball to the back of the head. Her wherewithal to locate the flutes and execute two elegant pours is unquestionably heroic…or maybe she was just relieved. A masterful display of skill and class on both fronts. Champagne has never been popped with such grace.

(Editor’s note: We’re assuming this shot is real. If it’s not, those are some Spielberg-grade special effects.)