HyperIce Recovery Products: Ice, Ice Baby

October 15, 2015

Young or old, we’ve all felt post-round aches and pains.

Hyperice, a company that specializes in recovery devices that use the principles of cryotherapy and vibration, can help reduce pain and inflammation with products like the Hyperice Vyper and the Hyperice Ice Compression Wraps.

The Vyper ($200) is basically a souped-up foam roller, but one that can provide a new level of relief by relaxing tension through vibration. Powered by a lithium ion rechargeable battery, the Hyperice Vyper offers three levels of vibration that help massage body tissue and promote greater flexibility.

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The Ice Compression Wraps (from $75) feature Air Release Technology—just load them with ice before use. The compression wrap is designed to pressurize the ice and let air out, allowing the ice to form around the sore spot with maximum surface contact. This helps to reduce inflammation and pain. hyperice.com