Hunter Mahan Explains His Recent Struggles on PGA Tour

July 19, 2016

Hunter Mahan was once the 4th-ranked player in the world. That was in April 2012. Today he’s ranked 186.

What happened? It’s hard to know for sure, but Mahan recently spoke with GOLF Live host Ryan Asselta about dealing with his struggles.

“It’s been challenging,” Mahan said. “I felt like I’ve put in the work. I think I need to play a lot. Not like playing a lot of events, but playing a lot at home, and try to get a score…and not try to be perfect or make perfect swings as much as I need to go find the next shot and hit that one great.”

Mahan last won at the Barclays in 2014, a year in which he won at least $3 million for the fifth consecutive season. This year, he has made just eight cuts in 18 events. He will be in the field this week at the Canadian Open.

“I feel like in many ways…I feel like a better player than [I was years ago],” Mahan continued.”I feel like when I do come out of this [slump], I want to be a better player than [I was].” 

Check out the full interview in the video above.