How two pros ended up shooting a video in bed together

Francesco Molinari and Tommy Fleetwood

Francesco Molinari, left, and Tommy Fleetwood celebrate during the 2018 Ryder Cup.

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The European Ryder Cup team had just defeated the U.S. Francesco Molinari went 5-0 at the 2018 event in Paris, Tommy Fleetwood 4-1. They won their matches together by massive margins of 5 and 4, 4 and 3, 5 and 4, and 3 and 1. They were at the bar that Sunday night. Everything was good. 


Hey, Francesco and Tommy, want to make a video celebrating the victory?


Hey, Francesco and Tommy, want to make a video celebrating the victory – in bed together with the cup?


Sometime soon later, they did. The next day, the European Ryder Cup social media accounts released the result, the video entitled “The Morning after the Week Before.” 

“2018, Paris, it was Sunday night, and we’d just won the Ryder Cup,” Molinari recounted this week on his Twitter account. “Obviously I had an amazing week with Tommy on the course.

“One of the European media guys came up to us in the middle of the party after a few drinks so obviously your judgment is not quite the same, and, yeah, just proposed to us about, you know, making a video in bed together with the cup and just, yeah, having a bit of a laugh about our relationship and the whole week.”

‘I’d give you 5 out of 5, Frankie’: Molinari, Fleetwood star in hilarious ‘morning after’ video
By: Kevin Cunningham

At the start of the video, Molinari is sleeping on the left side of the bed, Fleetwood the right. Molinari is wearing a white T-shirt, a blanket is pulled up just short of his neck, and he’s clutching the cup. Molinari wakes up, turns to his right and becomes wide-eyed after seeing Fleetwood. He nudges him awake.

“How good was that for you?” Fleetwood asks Molinari. 

“Four out of four,” Molinari responds, a reference to their victories together.

“I’d give you five out of five, Frankie,” Fleetwood says, a reference to Molinari’s total victories. 

Everything was good. 


“Obviously, like I said, it was an amazing week for us on the course and that was just the perfect ending for an incredible week,” Molinari said on his Twitter account this week.   

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