How to Play Golf in Sweden: Wear Ice Skates

December 29, 2015
Ice golf.jpg

A pair of golfers in Sweden weren’t about to let a little ice and cold stop them from playing a round.

A recent video shows them skidding across a golf course on ice skates, drilling holes into the ice to place a tee, and watching an orange golf ball slide and slide on a thoroughly frozen hole.

This method, while innovative and bold, may not be for everyone. You need a pretty superior sense of balance to swing a golf club while teetering on hockey skates. At one point, one of them puts a foot through the delicate ice covering a frozen creek.

The title of the video translates roughly into “boxing golf,” and, if the video date is any indication, refers to Boxing Day, a public holiday that’s celebrated the day after Christmas in many countries, including Sweden.

There is one obvious perk of winter golf: Replace golf cart trips and speed walking with a gentle, leisurely skate.

Take a look at Jakob Grahn’s new sport below.