Heroes & Zeros: The Honda Classic

March 3, 2015

Each week, Sports Illustrated senior writer Alan Shipnuck riffs on the top headlines in golf.

Is there anything better than a little live golf to start your week? Lately I’ve found myself rooting for Sunday evening weather delays, enticed by the delicious prospect of Monday morning golf. The boys at PGA National did us one better, throwing in a playoff to boot. How thoughtful. I’ve actually been advocating for years that the LPGA conduct its tournaments Saturday-Tuesday, which would give us live golf six days a week, leaving Wednesday as a kind of sabbath to recharge and catch up on DVR’d “The Big Break.” A man can dream, no?


1. Lydia Ko. Okay, this is getting downright freaky.

2. Paddy Harrington. I’ve seen glaciers move faster, but that 72nd-hole birdie after botching the hole before was pure class. Nice to have the guy back, quirks and all.

3. Daniel Berger’s mom’s hair. I think this ‘do has more personality than her son!

4. The class of 2011. That would be high school class, which includes Berger, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Patrick Rodgers. Baby-faced ballers.

5. Andy Sullivan. Never heard of this 28 year-old Englishman? Well, he just won his second Euro Tour event in the span of two months. Hello, world.


1. Ian Poulter. That was some of the least clutch play I’ve ever seen, shank you very much.

2. Phil. Five bogeys over the last 13 holes blew this Hall of Famer out of the tournament. The scary thing is that his 17th-place finish actually constitutes progress.

3. Patrick Reed. His double bogey-bogey-bogey finishing kick deserves special mention even on a day of bloodletting. So does the guttural invective he loosed on the 15th tee.

4. Stacy Lewis. She was in a dogfight during the final round in Thailand until a double bogey on the 15th hole. It’s admirable that Lewis gets herself in contention virtually every week, but I’d love to see her close the deal a bit more often.

5. The Seminole Pro-Member. I can’t be the only person who’s tired of hearing about this cloistered gathering of the self-important 1 percent.

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