Hello, World: Tiger Woods Goes Pro 20 Years Ago Today

August 28, 2016
tiger woods hello.jpg

Twenty years ago, Tiger Woods uttered those famed words announcing his professional debut at the 1996 Greater Milwaukee Open.

“I guess, hello, world,” Woods, then 20, said to flashing cameras.

2015-16 has been a time of celebrating a myriad of Tiger-related anniversaries — Woods’ 40th birthday, his claret jug wins at St. Andrews, his third consecutive U.S. Amateur Championship rally against Steve Scott — but none are so succinctly summed up as Woods’ Milwaukee press conference to kick off his illustrious and infamous professional career.

”If I had shot 88, I’m not sure I would have turned pro,” Woods said, indicating how seriously he thought about his decision to wait until after the U.S. Amateur. “That wasn’t the case. I finished medalist, which was awfully good, I think.”

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Woods hasn’t competed professionally since the 2015 Wyndham Championship, and has not explicitly said when he’ll return. One thing is for sure: Golf fans likely can’t wait to hear a phrase like that coming from the Big Cat’s mouth once more.

The PGA Tour has put together a commemorative interactive page to relive the moments leading up to Woods’ announcement, which you can see in full here.