One of the hardest things to do in pro golf? Luke List explains

The grind of playing on the PGA Tour is real. Sure, the money can be good, if you are making cuts. But there’s travel, there’s staying in shape, there’s sponsor and family obligations. It all adds up.

Balancing all that comes with being a pro golfer is crucial for pros. In this week’s Subpar Podcast, Luke List joined hosts Drew Stoltz and Colt Knost to discuss what it’s like getting on Tour, staying there, the distance debate and plenty more.

List, 35, has won twice on the Korn Ferry Tour, although he’s yet to win on the PGA Tour despite nearly $9 million in career earnings. Referencing his 2018 Honda Classic playoff loss to Justin Thomas, Stoltz asked List if one of the hardest things about playing pro golf is staying excited, making goals and not becoming complacent.

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Tiger is the exception, right,” List said. “He’s the bar. How he’s been able to push himself after winning so much just blows my mind. That’s so much inner-strength to be able to do that and mental fortitude to keep going. I mean, he’s achieved everything there is and he’s still out there grinding; that’s so cool.

“For me, I haven’t done all the stuff, so I want to strive to keep going.”

Stoltz added how it could be easy for some pros to become lethargic.

“It can be,” List said. “Everything is kind of about maximizing your opportunities and maximizing your time-management, and I think that’s always been my struggle for different reasons. Now it’s like, you want to be a good father, good husband, good at playing golf, training the right way. But it’s still finding the right balance of that, especially with our lifestyles.”

You can check out the entire Subpar episode with List below.

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