Luckiest 81 year-old golfer makes two (!) holes-in-one after ‘fluke’ shot

Many of you, including GOLF’s own Alan Shipnuck, may still be waiting for your elusive first hole-in-one, but an octogenarian in Arizona just made two — in one round.

According to Little Rock’s KATV, 81 year-old Chuck Miller made two holes-in-one in the space of six holes during a recent round at Cortez Golf Course.

The first ace came on the 135-yard 12th hole after what sounded like a classically great shot. “A great shot over the front bunker onto the green,” he said.

The other one, on the 138-yard 17th hole, came after “fluke” of a golf shot turned out stupendously.

“It never got much off the ground and hit the ground only about 70 or 80 yards from the tee,” Miller admitted. “Since the ground was dry and the hill sloped downwards, the ball continued to roll … Once the ball got onto the green, one of my playing partners yelled, ‘It’s going to go into the hole!’ – and damned if it didn’t.”

The odds of getting a hole-in-one? About 12,500-to-1. But the odds of snagging two in one round are closer to 100 million-to-1, according to some estimates.

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