Golf Fanatic Shatters World Record for Rounds Walked in Year

October 27, 2016

Golf fanatics, beware, there’s a bigger golf addict than you.

His name is Barry Gibbons, and he recently set the Guinness World Record for rounds of golf played (walking) in one calendar year. The tally has reached 704, but the official count has likely already changed since then. (And he still has a couple of months to go.)

Gibbons recently joined Kelly McEvers and Robert Siegel on the NPR Show All Things Considered, where he talked about his record-setting year and just how much exercise he’s managed in the process.

“Ten-point-three-million steps, 1.25 million calories and just over 5,200 miles,” Gibbons says, “which is kind of New York to L.A. and back and then some, so that puts it into perspective a little bit.”

Gibbons originally made news as he set his sights on 850 rounds in a single year, which would break the world record for total rounds, riding in a cart or walking. His goals haven’t changed. Check out his conversation on the podcast below.