Golf Course Sampling Rogue Cow Found, Captured in New York

October 9, 2015

New Hartford, N.Y., is being teased by a 1,500-pound cow.

The town of just more than 20,000 has been dealing with the sightings and travels of a large, unclaimed cow since June. According to a local news report, the cow is a golf fan and has been “sampling the greens” at Yahnundasis Golf Club.

We are not sure what “sampling the greens” entails, but the cow’s actions around the course have forced maintenance crews to make hasty repairs.

Constant efforts have been made to catch the cow, and until Friday, they came up short. Cowboys on horseback were able to wrangle the cow Friday afternoon. Yahnundasis Golf Club has been spared.

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The cow became so popular in the area that it eventually had its own, hilarious Facebook page.


I fought the law and law won. #captured

Posted by The New Hartford Cow on Friday, October 9, 2015