Why golf is becoming popular inside the NBA bubble

golf in the nba

Jason Tatum, Seth Curry and Dwight Powell have all shown off their golf swings thus far from Orlando.


Oftentimes, getting bitten by the golf bug takes but one round. Once you’ve got it, it’s hard to shake. That’s quickly becoming the case for some NBA players down in the “bubble” in Orlando.

Golf is one of the few approved activities within the bubble — along with theme park rides, bass fishing and yard games — where three courses are at their disposal: Disney’s Lake Buena Vista, Palm and Magnolia courses.

Best that we can tell from social media, the Dallas Mavericks got out on the course early this week, where Seth Curry showed off a pretty smooth swing. Dwight Powell and Maxi Kleber joined as well. For a 6’10” man, Powell makes a really good move at the ball. 

A couple rounds of golf led J.J. Redick into a social media frenzy, where he ended up shotgunning a Bud Light after 10,000 retweets. 

But the team currently spending the most time on the course is likely the Boston Celtics, where all-stars Jason Tatum and Kemba Walker are leading the charge. According to a report from Marc D’Amico, a reporter for the Celtics, that duo has played golf every day since their quarantine ended. They were joined, at least for one round, by Grant Williams and a group of Celtics coaches.

At this point, D’Amico writes, Tatum is approaching bogey-golf (shooting in the low 90s) after picking the game up this year, bombing his way around the course. Walker has even gone so far as to purchase a set of clubs online. The new sticks are currently en route to Orlando.

The golf bug strikes again! At least for those guys. 

Then there’s Josh Hart. Poor Josh Hart. He’s realized what we’ve all realized a time or two: golf is really hard. 

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