George Brett Leaves Hall of Fame Golf Voice Mail

May 27, 2016

You remember George Brett, right? He’s the Hall of Famer Kansas City Royals third baseman who once was famously tossed from a game against the New York Yankees for applying too much pine tar to his bat. (Brett didn’t care for the ruling.)

These days Brett has channeled his competitive fire into a new pursuit: golf. And it turns out he’s pretty darned good at that game, too.

Just the other day, Brett shot a 68 at Mission Hills Country Club, just outside Kansas City. “But I swear to God on a stack of Bibles, it should have been 64,” he said. (Brett had been working with GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jon Tattersall, who noted that Brett’s weight was too much in his toes instead of in the arches of his feet and that his ball position was too far forward. With a few adjustments, Brett’s accuracy and control markedly improved.)

After the final putt had dropped, Brett did what any red-blooded American golfer would do after a memorable round: He called his buddy to brag about it. That buddy was Jason “Seebass” Seeman, who is the national sales manager for Bushnell Golf. Seebass wasn’t available, so Brett left his pal a voice mail — a rather epic voice mail, which Brett and Seeman gave us permission to publish.

We think you’ll appreciate it. It’s a wonderful, colorful, hilarious reminder that few things in life are as exhilarating as feeling like you’ve finally mastered the game. For one round, anyway.

Listen here: