Gary Player Talks Fitness, Travel and Twitter with Jessica Marksbury

October 24, 2016

At 80, the golf icon talks fitness (he did 1,300 sit-ups last night) and what makes him so good at social media with GOLF’s Jessica Marksbury.

We’re drinking green juice today, which is tastier than I expected.

If we could get everybody in America, particularly children, to start the day with that, what a difference it would make in their lives.

Fitness and nutrition are important to you. You turn 81 in November. Do you still do more than a thousand sit-ups daily?

Yes, I did 1,300 sit-ups and crunches last night, and I put a hundred-pound weight on my chest for the last 200. And then I did the treadmill at max, and I pushed 400 pounds with my legs. So you see, this business of getting old is purely a number. It’s about the way you look after yourself.

You have some 275,000 followers on Twitter. What’s the key to being successful in social media?

Just to be kind to people, have love, show interest in them. I love people. I’ve traveled more miles than any human being ever—63 years of constant travel. It’s the best education anybody could ever obtain. I’ve learned to have respect for people’s religions, their ways of life, their political views, whatever the case may be.

You’ve worked hard to give back to the game. What’s next for you?

I raise money for people who are underprivileged. We’ve raised $60 million in Japan, China, Africa, America, London, Abu Dhabi. Now, we may be going into India. I want to get to $100 million before I hang it up.