Gary Player Met Elvis Presley Back in 1961

Player elvis tout.jpg

Once upon a time, the Black Knight met The King.

It sounds like the stuff of fairytales, but it actually happened when Gary Player visited the set of Elvis Presley’s 1961 film, Blue Hawaii.

Before the ceremonial tee shot at the 2014 Humana Challenge, Player recounted the story to a captive audience. The music-loving South African had previously done an Elvis-like guitar impression, which he said was eventually seen by the King.

“‘I want to meet you!'” Elvis said, according to Player, to which Player replied: “I want to meet you too!”

Player, who was about 26 at the time and a big Presley fan, said that when he arrived on set Elvis stopped production, put on a jacket and approached the golfer.

Player said Elvis’ grip left much to be desired but he knew how to use his hips.

Watch Play tell the story below.

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