Former Olympian Rips Adam Scott for Decision to Skip Rio Games

April 20, 2016

Adam Scott is taking some heat from his fellow Australians for his decision not to represent his country at the Olympic Games in Rio.

Dawn Fraser, a former Olympic swimmer who brought home eight medals for Australia, aired her grievances via Facebook.

“Very sorry to hear that Adam Scott cannot fit it into his schedule to play for Australia at the Olympics,” she wrote. “Well done Adam great to put your country on hold so that you can fulfill your own schedule. How much money do you want in life? Not showing much for your country.”

Fraser is well known in Australia for her controversial opinions, but she wasn’t alone criticizing Scott’s decision. Track and field star Dave Culbert, who competed in the 1992 Olympics, told the Brisbane Times that missing the games would ultimately be Scott’s loss.

“To be an Olympian is something special and it’s forever,” Culbert said. “I don’t think you truly appreciate it until a long time after it’s happened.”

Long-distance runner Steve Moneghetti offered a more measured take, saying that skipping the Games was “his prerogative.”

“When he was growing up, he probably dreamed of winning the Masters, not of going to the Olympics like I did,” Moneghetti said.

Scott blamed a hectic summer schedule for his choice to opt out. In his statement, he said that when he informed Australian coach Ian Baker Finch, he was “understanding” of his decision.