Former ND Coach Lou Holtz to Host New Golf Show on Sirius XM Radio

August 26, 2015

Former National Champion football coach Lou Holtz will make his golf analyst debut on Sirius XM Radio next week on a new show called “Holtz in One.”

The former ESPN College Football Analyst will team with co-host Fred Albers on Sept. 1 to talk all things golf, from the PGA Tour to his own history with the game.

“I love golf and follow golf, whether we’re talking about the PGA Tour, the ladies tour, the Champions Tour, the Canadian Tour,” Holtz said. “I’m just going to talk about golf in general, from a layman’s point of view. Everybody always has these golf experts that were former players. I’m just a guy that loves golf.”

The show will air from 1-3 p.m. ET Tuesday on the Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio channel. He’ll join a long list of Sirius XM Radio golf personalities that includes Ben Crenshaw, John Daly and Nick Faldo, among others.

While his college football coaching and analyst career is what Holtz is best known for, be wary to slight him on his golf pedigree. After all, his Twitter bio has long included the finishing line: “A wanna be golf analyst.”

Holtz is a member of Augusta National (where he won the Member-Member event in 2005) and has lived in the Lake Nona, Florida, area for many years. He didn’t play golf growing up, but in order to get by during one of his first football coaching jobs he took on additional duties as golf coach at William & Mary for the $300 stipend it included.

While he says his only job was “to not get in an accident on the way to and from the golf course,” Holtz’ coaching career kept him near the game with many department outings. Eventually, he found himself playing as a single-digit handicap.

He also gave a pump-up speech to the 2008 U.S. Ryder Cup team just before its victorious event at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky.

Holtz promises to offer his analysis in a straightforward approach for viewers.

“Most people are looking to shoot their age,” he said. “I’m just trying to shoot my weight. If I gain five more pounds, I can do that.”

Holtz will also be involved as a host with Sirius’ College Football Sports Nation twice a week.

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