Fling Golf: Crossover Appeal

October 28, 2015

A hybrid of golf and lacrosse, Fling Golf is probably unlike anything you’ve seen.

It is played with a FlingStick that at first glance resembles a golf club, but instead includes a small basket that cradles and launches the ball.

The motion is most similar to lacrosse, but the format and the variety of techniques that can be used more reflects the golf swing (a good fling can launch the ball more than 200 yards).

Among Fling Golf’s advisers are former Boston Celtics coach M.L. Carr and Burton Snowboards COO/CFO Mike Abbott. Fling Golf hopes to do for golf what snowboarding did for skiing: bring more people to the mountain, but not necessarily to play the same sport.

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Judging by the hundreds of courses that have adopted Fling Golf, it seems to be working. Check out a brief tutorial below. $149 per stick; flinggolf.com