Fired caddie makes impassioned plea: ‘You can rip me all you want, but I did nothing wrong’

January 25, 2018

Brandon Davis, the caddie who was fired on live TV after a penalty cost his man a stroke and $12,000, is taking to social media to tell his side of the story and to explain why a penalty shouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

Davis was fired (and got a headcover thrown at him) by 31-year-old pro Rhein Gibson when Davis’s error cost Gibson a stroke on the final hole of the final round of the Bahamas Great Abaco Classic Wednesday. It dropped Gibson from T2 to third place, a difference of $12,000.

The penalty occurred when Davis fetched Gibson’s second shot out of the water hazard, a violation of Rule 18.2 as the player must give the caddie consent to remove the ball from the hazard, which the rules official said did not happen. But in the time since then Davis has taken to social media to make an impassioned plea on why he did not commit a penalty. He says what he did should be cleared under Decision 26-1/9.

“Here’s exactly what happened,” Davis wrote on Twitter. “Ball was dead underneath two rocks and I told (Gibson) about it and (Gibson) said “f—” and turned around stopped looking and walked back to the bag. The tour official actually found the unhittable ball. I then went over and quickly retrieved it. 100% fact.”

But Davis’s version of events wasn’t backed by everyone.

Davis also posted a video on YouTube — titled “I Got Fired” — to explain his reasoning and why he should be exonerated.

“This is going to go viral, and it should because I got fired today on national television,” he said. “I did, because I did something that I did not think was wrong, and it wasn’t wrong, but you know what, I have to defend myself, because I believe in the truth.”

You can watch the complete video below.