Winged Foot course map: Check out the site of this year’s U.S. Open

Winged Foot course map

Winged Foot is a beautiful brute.

Darren Robinson

This week’s U.S. Open at Winged Foot’s West Course is sure to be a classic. The tree-lined Northeastern brute will challenge the world’s best players with 7,477 yards of brawn. Check out the course map in the featured photo above, and descriptions of each hole in the captions below.

No. 1, 451-yard par-4

This slight dogleg-left featured a green guarded by four bunkers: two in front on the left, and one on each side of the green.

No. 2, 484-yard par-4

This hole is a slight dogleg-right, with a bunker flanking the green on each side.

No. 3, 243-yard par-3

The green on this par-3 is well protected, with bunkers on each side.

No. 4, 467-yard par-4

This hole begins with a slight-dogleg left off the tee, then opens up for a straight look at the green on the approach. Again, a bunker flanks the green on each side.

No. 5, 502-yard par-4

The longest par-4 on the front nine includes both fairway bunkers to contend with, and a trio of bunkers to avoid around the green.

No. 6, 321-yard par-4

This hole may be short, but could have some bite, depending on the hole location, with a bunker that spans nearly all the way across the front of the green.

No. 7, 162-yard par-3

This short one-shotter has a green that is protected by bunkers on both sides.

No. 8, 490-yard par-4

This dogleg right sets up a challenging tee shot, while the approach features yet another green flanked by bunkers on both sides.

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No. 9, 565-yard par-5

This hole is dead straight with no less than five bunkers surrounding the green.

No. 10, 214-yard par-3

Three bunkers protect the green on this mid-length par-3.

No. 11, 384-yard par-4

This mostly straight-forward par-4 adds some intrigue with two fairway bunkers and and an additional three around the green.

No. 12, 633-yard par-5

This massively long par-5 features a slight dogleg-left as you near the green. Multiple fairway bunkers are strategically placed to snag errant tee and second shots, while the green is protected by two bunkers on each side.

No. 13, 212-yard par-3

Another mid-length par-3 with three bunkers protecting the green.

No. 14, 452-yard par-4

One of the course’s more severe dogleg-lefts, this hole features bunkers on each side of the fairway in the tee-shot landing area, and two bunkers in front of the green.

No. 15, 426-yard par-4

A creek running across the middle of the fairway adds serious intrigue to this hole, while again, two bunkers flank each side of the green.

No. 16, 498-yard par-4

This severe doglef-left requires a tee shot over the creek and an approach to a green surrounded by three bunkers.

No. 17, 504-yard par-4

The longest par-4 on the course is a dogleg-right with five intimidating fairway bunkers off the right side. Two greenside bunkers await errant approaches.

No. 18, 469-yard par-4

This dogleg-left is a memorable finishing hole, and features a fairway bunker on the right and three bunkers on the left side of the green.

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