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Exos Golf: Bringing Tour-Pro-Grade Training to Average Joes

September 29, 2015

Today’s top Tour pros are physical marvels, powerful as Sampson, pliable as Gumby. The rest of us are lucky if we can do 10 pushups and touch our toes. Those limitations have repercussions. It hurts to put our socks on in the morning. It’s hard to swing the golf club the way we should. One solution: More yoga, less ice cream.

Or, if you’re really dedicated to the cause, enroll in a head-to-toe physical examination like the Exos Golf Experience, a new three-day program that brings Tour pro-level training to average, cheese-puff loving Joes.

Exos is a cutting-edge facility in Phoenix that caters largely to elite athletes. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick works out there in the off-season. So does Yankees centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury. A number of Tour pros rely on Exos, too, including Graham DeLaet, Ricky Barnes and James Hahn. Their training programs draw on what Exos calls the “four pillars” of performance: nutrition, mindset, movement and recovery.

The Exos Golf Experience rests on those pillars, too. Over the course of a long weekend, the program gives you a thorough going over from nutritionists, physical therapists, performance experts and more, on a quest to find the soft spots in your body, brain and swing. What’s your diet like? Your appetite for pressure? How are you doing with that thoracic rotation? All play a role in how you play.

Along the way, you’ll undergo a battery of tests that measure everything from your core strength to your bench press to your vertical leap. That last is often linked to how far you can hit it. If you can’t clear the phonebook, you aren’t going to clear many long carries either.

After the tests, it’s off to the TrackMan and a 3D analysis of your swing, followed by personalized instruction from Golf Magazine Top 100 instructor Tim Mahoney at Troon North Golf Club in nearby Scottsdale.

The Exos Experience lasts three days, but the goal is to bring about lasting change. When you leave, you walk off with a customized fitness and training program, accessible on your mobile device. It’s a battle plan for the rest of your golfing life.

The next Exos Golf Experience session is slated for Nov. 13-15. The cost is $5,000, no small investment. But think of the strokes you’ll save.

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