Emiliano Grillo Asks Twitter Where His Golf Clubs Are

August 8, 2016

UPDATE: Grillo tweeted on Monday night that his clubs had indeed arrived. He then proceeded to hug them and sent out a picture of the happy reunion (bottom of the page). Now he can get in a couple of practice rounds before the event starts. All is well.

It’s one of the worst nightmares for any golfer: sitting at baggage claim, watching the carousel spin, your bags nowhere in sight.

But for most of us, that just means heading to talk to an already-annoyed customer service person and maybe missing our first tee time the next day.

But Emiliano Grillo is competing in the Olympics, where golf is back for the first time in over 100 years.

So, the stakes are a little different.

Grillo, though, is taking it in stride. He asked his Twitter followers in a poll where they thought his clubs might be—presumably they’re not in Rio.

The options he offered were New York, Rio, Hong Kong, and Ushuaia (in his home country of Argentina).

Our guess is that he may not be in such a joking mood come Wednesday if his clubs still haven’t arrived.