Donald Trump’s Social Media Director Used to Be His Caddie


Daniel Scavino is Donald Trump’s social media director and spends his days traveling across the country on jets heading to and from campaign stops in Trump’s bid to win the Republican presidential nomination.

That’s quite a leap from being Trumps’s caddie in 1990.

In a feature on, Scavino outlines how he first met Trump 26 years ago. Working at Briar Hall Country Club in New York, Scavino was a 16-year-old making a few extra dollars as a caddie. Trump pulled into the course for a round, Scavino was selected to be the group’s caddie, and the rest is history.

After becoming general manager of Trump National Golf Club (formerly Briar Hall, before Trump bought it), Scavino stayed close to Trump and was tabbed to oversee the candidate’s social media in 2014. Trump’s Twitter account has been a lightning rod for criticism during this election season, but Scavino has not wavered in his support for Trump.

“I take it personal sometimes,” Scavino said. “He doesn’t deserve a lot of this crap that’s being said about him. It fires me up. It pisses me off, it really does, because I care about the man and I care about his family.”

Scavino already has his sights set on another high-profile position should Trump prove successful in November.

“I always said I wanted to be the White House photographer. I think that would be a really cool job for me,” Scavino said. “Or maybe I’ll run the POTUS Twitter account.”

Whever he ends up, it’s a long way from the caddie shack.

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