Donald Trump Takes Scotland Wind Turbine Battle to UK Supreme Court

October 9, 2015

Despite numerous roadblocks in his plan to thwart the construction of wind turbines near Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen, Scotland, Donald Trump is not backing down.

Would you expect anything different?

Two years ago, the Scottish government approved a plan that would allow 11 wind turbines to be built within a two mile radius of Trump’s Aberdeen course. Trump said the turbines would mar the coastal landscape and has fought the decision with the kind of stubborn determination he’s become known for. His next step is to take the decision to the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court, according to the Guardian, and the tycoon has already threatened legal action in the European courts if his latest attempt also fails.

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To win, Trump’s team will have to prove that the language in the Electricity Act of 1989 has been misinterpreted and misapplied to the case. Lang Banks of the World Wildlife Fund of Scotland had the following to say of Trump’s case:

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“Donald Trump should be using his vast wealth to do good instead of trying to kill off initiatives that will create jobs, boost the economy and help cut carbon emissions. Once up and running, this test facility will be ideally placed to help test technologies needed to harness Scotland’s huge offshore renewables potential, ensuring learning by industry, and playing an important role in helping to drive down costs.”