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Donald Trump: ‘Let Golf Be Elitist’

July 1, 2015

Donald Trump is excited about golf’s future, but only for the elite.

In an interview with Fortune, Trump said, “Golf should be an aspirational game. People should come to golf, golf shouldn’t come to them.” 

We took some of The Donald’s most telling quotes and summarized below. Check out the full interview here.

  • On the golf business: The golf business alone is fine. It’s a really good business when you hit it right. You have members that will stay with you for 50 years.
  • On the future of golf: Well, first of all, I think the [participation] data that’s been out there from the National Golf Foundation is bad. I’ve said that. I actually think they’re absolutely incompetent. I think their information is faulty and they’re bad for the game.
  • What golf properties he is after: I only buy jewels. I’m not interested in 9s. Only the 10s.
  • On Hack Golf: They shouldn’t do many of the things that have been done over the last five years. I think the bigger hole idea is just terrible.
  • Should golf be elitist?: It may be elitist, and perhaps that’s what golf needs. Let golf be elitist. When I say “aspire,” that’s a positive word. Let people work hard and aspire to some day be able to play golf. To afford to play it. They’re trying to teach golf to people who will never be able to really play it. They’re trying too hard.

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