Doc Rivers once tried to get ejected from an NBA game to watch the Masters

November 2, 2017

Any real golf fan has considered the possibility of cutting work when the Masters is on. And having to work on Masters Sunday—with Tiger in contention? Perish the thought.

So when Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers says that he tried to get ejected from to watch Augusta’s back nine, we get it.

Rivers, a 10-handicap, recounts the story from a meaningless late-season game when he was coaching the Celtics:

“At halftime [Celtics GM] Danny Ainge tells me that Tiger’s making a run. He’s like, ‘get thrown out and come back and watch with me.’ It’s like the first play of third quarter, I got for it. Like, yelling ‘Ahh!'”

But the ruse didn’t work on the referee Rivers was berating.

“He just stares at me,” Rivers continues. “Nothing. And during a free throw he tells me to come over and he’s like, “I wanna watch it too.”

We’ll have to keep a close eye on any Rivers ejections from here on out. Good news: the Clippers don’t have a game schedule for April 8th, the Sunday of the 2018 Masters.