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Clubs Stolen From 9-Year-Old Golf Champion

June 26, 2015

Nine-year-old Gracie McGovern of Scottsdale, Ariz., experienced one of the worst fates imaginable for an avid golfer—her clubs were stolen out of her father’s car.

But McGovern is more than just an avid player. She’s the reigning U.S. Kids World Champion in the eight-year-old girls’ division, having shot a total of five-over-par for 27 holes last summer at Mid Pines Golf Club near Pinehurst to win by a stroke. Her father said that Gracie’s clubs are her most prized possession.

”I want to be the youngest ever to win the U.S. Open,” Gracie told a local ABC affiliate.

Luckily for Gracie, who has another tournament this weekend in California, the clubs she’s used since she was seven have been found.

The McGoverns and their friends began calling local used sporting goods stores in hopes of finding Gracie’s sticks. Greg Haase, who owns ‘Play it Again Sports’ in Tempe, found them.

”Probably about three hours after that, we saw two ladies come in with clubs that pretty much matched the description of what we got called on,” Haase said. “1500 worth of clubs cut down for a nine-year-old? Not many people do that.”

ABC15.com says Scottsdale police have work left before Gracie can get her clubs back. Here’s to hoping she has them back before her event this weekend.

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