Check out Bubba Watson’s jetpack at the PGA Show

January 26, 2017

It was just six months ago that Oakley partnered up with Bubba Watson to announce “Bubba’s Jet Pack,” a new and aptly named means of transportation on the golf course.

Finally, the public was able to feast its eyes on the product up close and personal Wednesday at the PGA Show in Orlando. Watson himself was on hand at the event to take pictures with the jet pack (named “BW-Air) as well as conduct interviews with the media and hit balls in a simulator. (Fans were able to compete for prizes all day on the simulator to get closer than Watson’s approach to 6 feet.)

The jet pack, which took three years of collaboration to create and is produced in New Zealand, is able to fly up to 3,000 feet in the air via a 210 horsepower engine powering two ducted fans. The rear side of the “flying golf cart” boasts likely the most significant part: a spot for the golf bag.

In sheer size, the jet pack is a behemoth, stretching more than seven feet tall, stretching just as wide and weighing about 400 pounds. All of that is to say that it currently is illegal to fly in the United States without a pilot’s license. There are only two that have been produced and there’s just one pilot in the world who can take the jet pack for a cruise. Sorry, Bubba; time for pilot’s school!