Use this cheat sheet to create a golf learning center in your living room

Editor’s Note: Baden Schaff has been a PGA teaching professional for 17 years and is the co-founder of Skillest, a digital platform that connects golf students with golf coaches across the world for online lessons. To learn more about Skillest and to book a lesson of your own with Baden, head over to or download the app in the app store.

What we are living through is unprecedented. We are reconsidering all of our normal day to day activities. Some of us may have to self isolate and spend long days inside at home away from the game that we love so much. So what can we do during this time to keep progressing and use it to become an even better player?

The biggest obstacle for golfers in their pursuit of a better game has always been time. If we are committed to playing once a week, that’s already five hours at a minimum by the time we drive to the course play and then get home. If we are serious about improving you need to hit balls at least once a week, too. That session will probably take up another two hours, with travel, and if you’re trying to fit in a lesson every few weeks it becomes a huge drain on your time. So what if we could practice, train and learn all at home? How good could you be? Here’s how you can create your own at-home learning center.

1. Mat and Net

Firstly, you’ll need a net and a hitting mat. There are so many of these available online and you can spend as little as $50 and as much as $500. You just need to make sure that it’s of a quality that will contain your driver being hit at full speed.

2. Simulator

Secondly, you need an at home simulator, so you can understand and see where the ball is going. The new Flightscope Mevo+ is a game changer. For under $2,000 you can have a tour quality launch monitor in your living room or your backyard. This device is the size of a tissue box and allows you to play courses, test your skills on combines and much more. If that’s out of your price range, the Flightscope Mevo is a wonderful option at a lower price points that provides some of the same same data points. If your usual practice session is at a standard driving range with no data feedback and just aimlessly hitting balls into a big open field? There is no comparison.

3. Swing Recording App

Sure, you can just use your camera to record your swing, but I prefer to use an app called Mirror Vision, which is great for real time feedback on your swing. Mirror Vision was created by Toby Williams, an aspiring professional who wanted to know what his action looked like while he was practicing. It allows you to pair your devices so that you can film your swing “down the line” on your phone and then watch what is happening in real time on your ipad. It helps solve the feel vs real problem that every golfer faces. You can finally see what your feels look like and whether or not you are actually making the change that you want.

4. Putting Matt

Next is time for practice aids, especially a good putting mat. Wellputt make a fantastic putting mat and app that has structured games and skills tests that have been developed by Cameron McCormick. Once again this experience can be measured and tracked, something that can’t be done at the local putting green.

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5. Instruction app

Lastly you can do all of your learning through Skillest 24×7 from some of the best coaches in the world. Sending your swing to and discussing your data with our coaches as often as you need to. Having an elite consultant at your fingertips is a resource that is guaranteed to accelerate your improvement.

If you have created the above at home experience you are more likely to improve your game than someone who is wasting endless hours commuting to practice facilities and lesson tees. You have removed all of the friction points that have prevented you from getting better. I truly believe that all golfers will eventually train this way. We have seen companies such as Peloton transform at home fitness and it’s a matter of time until golf goes through this revolution. So rather than looking at our current environment as a threat to our health and our golf game, it is an opportunity to create an at home training environment that is superior to your current regime.

To learn more about Skillest and to book a lesson of your own with Baden, head over to or download the app in the App Store.

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