Charles Barkley Does Not Like Talking About Golf

August 9, 2016

Charles Barkley has long struggled with (and been mocked for) his golf swing.

Which is why it’s not entirely surprising that he told University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban in an interview for that he does not like discussing the subject.

“I don’t like talking about golf,” he said. “Golf is not my favorite. The only thing good about golf is drinking and smoking.”

Saban even suggested that Barkley’s famously faulty swing might be fixable, but Barkley remained skeptical.

“If you could fix my golf game,” he said. “I’d put a statue of you at my house. I’ve tried everything to fix my golf game and nothing seems to work. But if you, as great a coach as you are, could fix my golf game, any time you come to Arizona, there’ll be a statue of you outside of my house.”

Check out the full clip below.