Chambers Bay U.S. Open Was Great

June 26, 2015

If social media reaction is any indication, this was the worst U.S. Open ever.

Fans onsite grumbled about the spectator experience on the golf course. TV viewers were unhappy about the sight of burnt-out fairways for a second straight year. Players decried the texture of the greens (“Like broccoli,” said Henrik Stenson. “More like cauliflower,” countered Rory McIlroy), and everyone else complained about the new Fox regime’s coverage.

Please, stop with the negativity, already!

I found Chambers Bay to be a visually stunning spectacle, unlike any U.S. Open before it. Yes, it was brown, but those rugged bunker lips, elevated tee boxes and sparkling views of Puget Sound more than compensated. The weather was perfect all week: mild, with just a bit of breeze. Fans may not have been able to walk every hole, but they still came out in droves, and I challenge you to find a better grandstand view. As far as the greens go, here’s a reminder for the players: Everyone is playing the same course. And some guys (ahem) still found a way to get the putts to drop.

Fox, too, will benefit from reps. The few noticeable glitches in the broadcast will surely be ironed out. All things considered, it was fun to watch. Isn’t that ultimately what the Open is all about?

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