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The Kittles, Ashley Manning and the Cousins

The Kittles, Ashley Manning and the Cousins

Claire Kittle

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Hello friends and happy Masters Sunday!

I’ve had a great week watching the golf here at Augusta National, and I’m definitely not the only one. A handful of celebrities have been here among the patrons this week. It’s a decent spot for them to (mostly) go under the radar because no cameras are allowed after Wednesday. (It turns out that many fans will leave celebrities alone when there’s no chance of getting a photo with them.) My coworkers and I have kept a running list of who we’ve spotted at the Masters this week, and with the help of social media posts, I’ve been able to add a few more names. So let’s get to it.

Kirk Cousins and George Kittle attended the Masters with their wives earlier this week, and Augusta National member Peyton Manning and his wife Ashley showed them around. Lucky for us, there’s some photo evidence from the day.

The Kittles, Cousins and Mannings at the Masters Claire Kittle
The Kittles, Ashley Manning and the Cousins Claire Kittle

I’m noticing an outfit change here, which means that the Cousins spent not one, but two lovely days at the Masters.

And for all my gals reading, Julie Cousins is wearing the short sleeve Hayden dress from Byrdie Golf Social Wear, which was a massive hit among the patrons this week.

Okay, now back to the celebrities.

Cousins even joined the official Masters podcast while he was at the course.

Next up we have Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff, who joined ESPN’s Marty Smith fo a quick chat.

Retired professional soccer player Miguel Layún also took his talents to the Masters this week.

I love that he sampled the Masters concessions menu, but I am a little concerned that he didn’t mention the Bar-B-Q sandwich. It’s been my go-to lunch item since Monday and I’m not even close to sick of it.

Retired NBA star turned college golfer J.R. Smith was at Augusta National on Friday hanging out with Stephen and Eric Malbon of Malbon Golf.

JR Smith, Erica and Stephen Malbon Erica Malbon

Avid golfer and former NFL player Larry Fitzgerald was also hanging out by the Oak Tree earlier this week.

Other notable athletes that we spotted this week include former MLB star David Wright, retired NBA star Dwyane Wade, NFL running back Bijan Robinson and former MLB pitcher CC Sabathia.

Next up we have the Hollywood celebrity portion of this write up, and thanks to The Athletic‘s Gabby Herzig, we have a complete run down of what singer Harry Styles was up to on Thursday.

A massive congratulations to Gabby on meeting her One Direction hero, and congratulations to all the celebrities and athletes who know that the Masters is the best place to spend a day in April.

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