Bryson DeChambeau’s Switch to Custom Irons ‘Scared Away’ College Coaches

January 26, 2016
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Amateur Bryson DeChambeau’s unorthodox methods have helped him claim an NCAA Championship and U.S. Amateur title, but some people — college coaches and even his own father — weren’t always optimistic about his unconventional clubs.

Alan Shipnuck profiled DeChambeau in this week’s SI Golf+, and Jon DeChambeau, Bryson’s father, was quoted as saying not everyone was on board when DeChambeau switched to custom irons when he was a senior in high school. With the help of custom clubmaker David Edel and teacher Mike Schy, DeChambeau started using a unique set of irons that were the same length, weight, flex and lie angle, and he’s stuck to them ever since. 

From the story:

“A lot of coaches were scared away,” says Jon. “Cal and Stanford had been very interested, and they just disappeared.” Dad could relate to the coaches’ apprehension: “I tried to be extremely supportive of everything Bryson was doing, but there were times I was completely disturbed, where I felt there’s no way this is gonna work, that he’s screwing up his opportunities.”

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DeChambeau landed at Southern Methodist University, and in 2015 he became just the fifth player to win both an NCAA Championship and U.S. Amateur in the same year. He recently shot a first-round 64 at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship and has already earned an invite to the Masters in April.

You can read Shipnuck’s full profile of DeChambeau here.