Bryson DeChambeau jokingly videobombs Brooks Koepka’s Golf Channel interview

Bryson DeChambeau videobomb of Brooks Koepka

Golf Channel

It was a leaked video from a Brooks Kopeka, Todd Lewis interview video that supercharged the Brooks-Bryson feud last month. On that occasion, it was an unintentional videobomb from DeChambeau — he was walking past, analyzing his round — that set off a viral sensation.

On Thursday at the U.S. Open, there was a hint of deja vu.

Brooks, getting ready to start his Golf Channel interview with Todd Lewis, was standing around when none other than Bryson DeChambeau walked in the frame behind him. Still on the course, he was on his way to his next hole when he spotted Lewis and Brooks, and decided to have some fun. He jumped in the air waved his arms as he continued past.

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Speaking after the round, he talked about the fun moment:

“People were thinking that I was doing something at the PGA Championship. I wasn’t doing anything,” he said. “[Today] I saw the opportunity and I just had fun with it.”

It was a good-natured moment of fun that caused both to crack a smile.

Watch the full moment below:

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