Bryson DeChambeau teases fans after encounter with Brooks Koepka on driving range

Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka at Ryder Cup

Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka hat a brief encounter on the driving range Tuesday at Whistling Straits.

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At this week’s Ryder Cup, as has been the case much of the year, the Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka brouhaha is drawing a lot of attention. The two stars playing on the same team has only multiplied the drama.

But it’s not just bored fans or overeager media members tracking Bryson and Brooks’ every move, fans at Whistling Straits are keyed in too. Even the official U.S. Ryder Cup Twitter account is getting in on the frenzy.

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How DeChambeau and Koepka would get along as teammates has been the talk of the pre-tournament so far, with U.S. Captain Steve Stricker fielding questions about it, and Bryson adding some context during his press conference at Whistling Straits.

At some point on Tuesday, the two stars found themselves on the driving range amid a group of U.S. players and staff, and a camera caught their initial interaction, which was then shared on the U.S. team’s account.

As DeChambeau focused on prepping his swing, Koepka sauntered onto the range, making his way through a gaggle of red-white-and-blue clad bystanders and stopping right next to Bryson.

What followed would be completely unremarkable between any other U.S. team members. They appeared to talk shop, perhaps aligning their game plans in some way. After a quick conference, Koepka walked away down the range.

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But this summit didn’t happen in private. A large number of spectators who had gathered to watch the Americans hit balls witnessed the whole thing. As Koepka walked away, noting the moment and the many eyeballs directed on him, DeChambeau turned toward the onlookers, flashed them a huge smile and raised his hands, gesturing for their approval.

The move elicited a raucous round of applause, and hopefully released some of the built-up tension around the players’ recent feud.

Koepka even shared the original video on Twitter, writing “Nothing to see here, teammates talk @b_dechambeau #GoUSA”

You can watch the moment yourself below.

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