‘Dude, pick up Bryson’s bag’: DeChambeau’s caddie unveils insane weight of Bryson’s golf bag

If there’s one thing most golf fans know about Bryson DeChambeau, it’s that he has a particular way of doing things. Single-length clubs, late-night range sessions, precise wind and slope calculations and more.

So, really, is it that surprising that his golf bag is among the heaviest on the PGA Tour? You gotta come prepared, right? Right.

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By: Bryson DeChambeau

DeChambeau’s caddie, Brian Zeigler, was this week’s guest on GOLF’s Subpar podcast and unveiled lots of great insight regarding what it’s like caddying for DeChambeau, how they got together and more. At one point, co-host Colt Knost asked Zeigler if he wished DeChambeau’s bag was lighter. Knost brought up a moment at the WGC in Memphis earlier this summer, in which DeChambeau was grouped with Dustin Johnson. Austin Johnson, Dustin’s caddie/brother, happened to walk by Knost and referenced DeChambeau’s nearby bag.

“Dude, pick up Bryson’s bag,” Austin said, according to Knost. “This thing is a f—— joke.”

So, back to the question. Does Zeigler wish it was lighter?

“All the time,” he said. [Laughs]

Zeigler said it’s actually heavier for practice rounds than it is on tournament days.

Bryson DeChambeau’s “What’s in the Bag” spread from a GOLF Magazine feature earlier this year.

Christian Hafer

“It’s got to weigh 55 pounds,” Zeigler said. “It’s not positioned very well. It’s like the straps are super long. And what I learned too is that I’m the smallest caddie on Tour. There are like three or four guys that are like my size or smaller. … This strap is so long, and the bag I can never get it to sit on my hips. So it’s always in the shortest setting and it’s always up and I’m so hunched over.”

He added that he works out with his day job in mind.

“Because if I didn’t do anything to get stronger, like, I couldn’t do this job for a long period of time, because I’m just not tall enough or big enough to do it,” he continued. “I’m actually in a big bulking phase right now. I’m trying to get up to 165 [pounds] by the time I get to Hawaii [in January]. That’s 10 pounds [to gain]. That’s a lot.”

A 55-pound bag?! That’s a lot of protein shakes, gadgets, golf balls and more. Maybe DeChambeau can learn how to get rid of a few things here, with our handy list of unnecessary items weighing down your golf bag.

You can check out the entire interview below.

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