Bryson DeChambeau Does a Killer Bill Murray Caddyshack Impression

April 12, 2016

Bryson DeChambeau officially turned pro this week, but that might not be the biggest DeChamnews (I’m so sorry) this week. 

It turns out the 22-year-old U.S. Amateur champion also does a great Carl Spackler impression. 

So, not only is he one of the most decorated amateur golfers in the last few years and attempting to revolutionize equipment science, but he has great taste in movies. Bravo Bryson. 

Why he’s doing the impression? Who knows? Who cares? (Although please do us at a solid and help make “DeChambros” a nickname for his fans.) 

It’s great to see a young player who already doesn’t take himself too seriously and is comfortable enough with himself to risk looking like an idiot. And the best is: he doesn’t! He nails it.