WATCH: Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka’s hug seen ’round the world

Didn't see that coming: Koepka and DeChambeau's winning hug.

Golf Channel

HAVEN, Wis. — The final moment of the U.S. team’s press conference belonged to Steve Stricker: “It was a great bunch of guys, and I really had a great time, and they deserve it.”     

No, Steve, that will not fly. Not in this age of irony!     

Justin Thomas stepped in and saved the night.     

“I think before this is all over, we should have Brooks and Bryson hug in the middle of the room,” he said from the back row. “To prove how much of a team we are, they are going to hug.”     

He broke out in song: “Why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends?” The song is by a band called “War.” The title is the refrain.     

You surely know the whole history to this Bryson DeChambeau-Brooks Koepka contretemps in a Bud bottle. If you don’t, don’t bother.     

Looking at a replay of the ensuing hug, it seems obvious that DeChambeau is far more eager to embrace the moment than the ever-cool Koepka. DeChambeau waves Koepka down. Koepka puts down his beer. DeChambeau picks up the Ryder Cup trophy and initiates a hug. Koepka meets him halfway, sort of. Thomas cheers.

The hug ends. Another begins. It ends.

The team files out and into the Wisconsin night. 

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