Brooks Koepka targets Brandel Chamblee (literally!), fuels long-running feud

Brooks Koepka enjoys some "target practice."

Brooks Koepka enjoys some "target practice."

In the latest dart in the feud between golf analyst Brandel Chamblee and four-time major champion Brooks Koepka, Koepka showed Thursday on social media that Chamblee is on-target on something.  

As his Instagram live video begins, with 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” playing in the background, Koepka tosses a dart with his right hand. He tosses a second one. Then, finally, a third. 

Each throw on the video is labeled “TARGET PRACTICE.”

Each throw is at a dartboard made out of a picture of Chamblee, his left index finger pointed directly in the center.

“Looks like @brandelchamblee is in @bkoepka’s line of site…” one Twitter user commented. 

“That was good,” Koepka responded, adding four laughing emojis. 

Chamblee has given the index finger to Koepka before. 

In early May of last year, Chamblee said that only two players — Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy — were capable of challenging Tiger Woods as the No. 1 player in the world. Koepka, aware that he had been left off that list, first responded with a tweet showing Chamblee wearing a clown nose. Koepka then responded by winning the PGA Championship a few weeks later — which included a first-round 63 and a Chamblee response of “I felt like he was giving me the finger for 4.5 hours today.” 

The pointed remarks have continued at various times since. 

Including a few after the post on Thursday. 

“Must be a major week… he hit the target,” Chamblee tweeted in response to the video, a reference to Koepka’s success in majors when compared to regular tournaments. 

Koepka responded with five laughing emojis. 

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