Brits think golf is most boring sport in the world—yes, even more boring than cricket

September 28, 2017

Aren’t British golf fans supposed to be the best in the world?

We may have to rethink that assumption. According to a poll of 2,000 Brits conducted by the online casino Casumo.com, golf was voted the world’s most boring sport, finishing a head of cricket and bridge.

Respondents cited golf’s confusing rules and slow pace. And again, somehow it finished ahead of cricket (where the rules make no sense and matches can last days!) and bridge (a freaking card game!). And what the heck is draughts?

Hopefully golf moves down the ranks if they re-vote after this week’s Presidents Cup. (All eyes on you, Anirban Lahiri!) The full list is below:

The 30 most boring sports in the world, according to a survey by Casumo.com:

1. Golf
2. Cricket
3. Bridge
4. Chess
5. Snooker
6. Dressage
7. Fishing
8. Darts
9. Bowls
10. Football
11. Draughts
12. Formula One
13. Show jumping
14. Ultimate Frisbee
15. Horse racing
16. American football
17. Rugby
18. Curling
19. Tennis
20. Boxing
21. Fencing
22. Baseball
23. Netball
24. Ten-pin bowling
25. Water polo
26. Archery
27. Superbike racing
28. Gymnastics
29. Hurling
30. Diving