British tour pros get in Twitter spat, one account deleted

November 16, 2017

Golf may be a gentlemen’s game, but it’s not immune to a good old-fashioned Twitter feud. Two British pros had a spat on social media this week, and one account is no longer available.

Eddie Pepperell, a 26-year-old who plays on the European tour, is teeing it up in this week’s season-ending event in Dubai and had a lighthearted take on the fact that two of the tour’s biggest stars are skipping it. Here’s his tweet, which contains strong language.

That tweet caught of the attention of Gary Evans, a 48-year-old Englishman who last played on the European tour in 2010. Evan tweeted at Pepperell and suggested he could make more money from sponsors if he dialed down the profanities. But Pepperell fired back.

Evans deleted his account, so his reply, and all other tweets, are no longer available. Pepperell is still tweeting away.