Brandel Chamblee Confronts USGA Rules Officials Over Dustin Johnson Ruling

June 20, 2016

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee took aim at USGA officials Jeff Hall and Thomas Pagel on Live From the U.S. Open after the conclusion of the final round of the national championship on Sunday.

Hall and Pagel came on the show to discuss how the USGA handled Dustin Johnson’s rules infraction on the 5th green.

Chamblee didn’t waste any time trying to figure out just how they saw what they did, that Johnson unintentionally was responsible for his ball moving and had to be assessed a penalty.

“I have seen a lot of crazy things on the golf course, a lot of crazy rule scenarios unfold — I have played golf for 40 years,” he said. “I have never, nor have I ever seen anybody make a practice stroke that caused the ball to move. Have y’all ever seen anyone make a practice stroke without a severe gust of wind, or speed of the greens or slope (that moved the ball)?”

Later in the video, around the 7:30 mark, Chamblee dug even deeper.

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“Let me just get this straight,” he said. “Y’all, upon looking at the evidence, thought he was likely to have caused it to move?”

“More likely than not,” one of them responded.

“I’m sorry, what, about what he did, do you think caused that ball to move? Why do you come to that conclusion?”

You can check out the USGA’s response and the entire 10-minute clip below.